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Sometimes you are asked the question: “What is your scrapbook style?” Well, I have pondered that question.  I have looked at the body of my work…..and I have finally decided that my scrapbook “style” is EXPERIMENTAL.  I love to try new techniques.  I am drawn to all types of different styles.  And I find that I like trying them all….I get bored with doing the same styles and techniques!  Something I have noticed that is common in my layouts is the “fullness” of a page….I find it visually pleasing to fill a page (although I am always drawn to the use of white space on layouts, I find it very difficult to do)….and I love to add the little extra details, even when I know they are often missed.  For example, the stitching on my pages is always by hand…I like the control of stitching by hand.  I cannot tell you how often I have extensively sewed on a layout only to cover up a lot of the stitching with design elements.  I had a friend tell me once that she thought a lot of my papers, embellishments on my pages came that way…until I explained to her in detail the different techniques that I had used.  So…after reviewing some of my layouts, I have decided that I would like to share some of my favorite techniques.

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