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Happy Birthday To Me!


Okay….so, yes, I have been on a creative hiatus….BUT….that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy! I have completed a major scrap room re-haul! Only now I fondly call it my “studio.”  A place all my own….a place that makes me so happy I could almost cry! We ALL need such a place!  I want to give a great big THANK YOU to my dear husband for traveling over 190 miles away to the nearest IKEA store and getting me one of the greatest birthday gifts a girl could ask for EVER! 🙂 You see…I don’t need diamonds…I just need stuff for my “studio” space. 🙂 I love your sweetie!

So….before I unveil my studio heaven! here are a few before photos….I must say…it was actually worse than this…but I forgot to take photos before I started to clean out the space in preparation for my great re-do! 🙂  It was a bit like “Clean Sweep” – I just moved everything into our “Library” which is actually intended to be a formal dining room…but a formal dining room is just NOT a working room for this family…so we decided on creating a “Library” slash/Computer Area  for the kiddos!

Anyway…here are some BEFORE photos: (prepare yourself 🙂 )

It is important to note here….this shot above is the actual wall that has been replaced with my new IKEA Expedite shelving! Woo HOO! 🙂

Above is a shot of my affectionately named “Leaning Tower of Paper” – so glad to be past this point!

AND drum-roll please….my newly remodeled and extremely inspiring (at least to me) studio space! 🙂

Remember that wall I mentioned above…well…this is the same wall….only now it holds 2 of my new “happy birthday” IKEA Expedite shelving units!!!!  SOOOOO worth the $….and a whole lot cheaper than buying the individual scrapbooking room storage shelves that are so popular….the best thing about these shelving units….each “cubicle” is 13 x 13 …the perfect size space for scrapbook paper!

and in case that first photo wasn’t enough…here is another…a photo taken just inside the door-way to my “studio.”

Here are some other shots of some organizing solutions I have come up with along the way:

above is a photo of the retro cassette tape holder that I have had FOREVER…..used for holding and organizing my ink pads.

the above photo is the section of my “studio” that I call Stamping Central…here I have  my stamps…acrylic and wood, separated by type (texture, etc.)….this is a shelf/peg board that I bought for $5 at an Estate Sale in my local area a while back…SCORE! 🙂

another great big PERK to these shelves is the space afforded by them at the top….above is a partial exhibit of my ribbon collection…..Yes, I am a ribbon junkie…..I used an over-the-door shoe rack (purchased from W for roughly $8) on it’s side, to store a lot of my ribbon spools…..my other solution for the smaller ribbon spools and smaller amounts of “loose” ribbon are as follows”

Above is a shot of my punch storage solution…I bought 2 very inexpensive, clear shoe holders that hang over-the-door to hold my punches…this one is behind the actual door to my studio…the next one is in the inside of one of the closet doors located inside my studio.

above is one of the Ikea Shelf cubicles close to my desk, that houses all my beloved Chalk Inks…..this is like CANDY to me!

above…some more “candy” to me….my glues, stickles, acrylic paints…a whole lot of joy! 🙂

above…another garage sale find…the white peg board..I hung this over the other closet door…on the outside…hung it from an over-the-door coat hanger (as to not leave any holes in the actual closet door 🙂 ) ….

above…my mists

Here is a photo of my actual work desk…purchased from Target.com by my dear husband a couple of birthdays ago…and the black self-healing mat on top is Ingvild’s newest Prima self-healing mat…the other side is turquoise!!! I put it on the black side as to not mar the gorgeous turquoise side! 🙂

Thank you for sharing on my little photo tour of where I actually create! hopefully something I have shared here has inspired the organization of your own creative candy!  It sure inspires me to have a clean, organized space…..I actually completed a new mixed media piece….but now I am off to practice some spelling words with my 1st grader! 🙂 Thank you for looking!



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“Happy Birthday To Me!”

  1. Avatar March 14th, 2012 at 8:11 pm Cindy Gay Says:

    Very organized. I love the shoe rack for ribbon storage!

  2. Avatar March 15th, 2012 at 7:13 pm Carol W. Says:

    WOW Nancy that’s a major but beautiful change! Happy belated Birthday!

  3. Avatar March 19th, 2012 at 12:50 am Tricia W. Says:

    Thanks for inputting your wonderful pictures of your beautiful studio, I needed ideas for my crafting studio, my husband is in the process of building my very own crafting studio and we needed ideas, thankyou so much!!!

  4. Avatar March 23rd, 2012 at 9:23 am Shaunery Wharton Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY indeed and wow it’s a wonderful treat. Love your space and thank you so much for sharing with us… mmmmm I have an IKEA nearby….

  5. Avatar March 24th, 2012 at 7:23 am Rebecca Says:

    Wow Nancy, this is amazing, what a wonderful space.

  6. Avatar June 25th, 2012 at 11:10 am Carmen Says:

    Holy doodle! That is a lot of stuff! I was surprised how much I had when I went and organized it all. But honestly, I want to play in your room!! 🙂

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