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I honestly cannot believe that it has been so long since I last made a post! I have been enjoying my break from Design Teams…creating projects here and there…completed a MAJOR studio rehaul… completed planting my flowers beds (which takes 22 bags of mulch if y0u can believe that)….CLEANED out the garage! yeah, it’s not perfect yet….but I am amazed at what I have accomplished….Well, I have a lot more home projects on my list to do…and I’m so motivated that I feel like I’m unstoppable! LOL! Well…I figure, if I could do what I did in our garage….really I can do ANYTHING! 🙂

Today I would like to share a project that I created for my baby girl…who will be turning 5 in just one week! Where did the time go?  I’m a little sad that I will now have both kiddos in all-day school (next Fall), but ready for it at the same time! 🙂

So, my mom stops by this Estate Sale…and picks up this lamp….well….given the right decor I’m sure it would have been lovely (maybe 🙂 ) – but it needed a complete make-over to live in my house!  AND since I broke Elizabeth’s lamp awhile back (I was cleaning her room and ooops) I thought it would be a perfect time to create her a special…..rather a magnificent lamp to fit her princess lifestyle ways! 🙂  So, that is exactly what I did!

BUT First, you must see the lamp in it’s original glory:

Well, what do you think? LOL! here is where you discover that anything is possible!

So I bought some spray paint in a lovely Robin Egg blue color….only took 1 can.  I taped the top of the lamp and the chord…took it out to the backyard….sat it on some kraft paper and voila!  Side note:  I buy kraft paper wrapping paper by the roll…and use it for all my messy projects…It works great spread out on your work table too!

I forgot to mention that I cleaned it up before I started 🙂

After I spray-painted the lamp base….I painted the detailed accents using Plaid acrylic paint in Pink Silk (I just adore the subtle pink hue to Pink Silk.)

Hopefully you can already see what a major transformation a little paint can make.  After that….I tried to come up with a solution to that hideous yellow/gold lamp shade…but to no avail…my efforts were futile.  So I had this lamp shade in my (newly clean) garage that I was saving to use for a card/chandelier project I had in mind…but it was destined for other greatness. It was time to get my flair on.  I went through all the Prima and Petaloo and Jolee and misc flowers I have been hoarding for FOREVER & my extensive buttons stash…and started getting busy with the glue gun.

I went to town with my buttons and flowers….added some pom-pom trim along the bottom….added a glittery butterfly I bought at Michaels ages ago, and adhered some of the beautiful rose trim by Webster’s Pages inside the top inside.

I also adhered some bling ribbon that I got at Walmart to “stripe” the shade.

I added some more bling to the lamp base….adhered some more of the rose trim from Webster’s Pages around the base….and there you go….my super FANCY Lamp! 🙂  I had so much fun creating this.  I used a lot of buttons and trims I have hoarded because who better to use them for but your baby girl! Now let’s just hope she doesn’t pull the “flair” off! 🙂

Well, I hope this has inspired you to create something AMAZING this weekend! and maybe see the potential in the less obvious!  Have a great weekend!  I have more projects I have completed to up-load in the coming days….but hubby has the memory card they exist on! 🙂 So stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by and taking a closer look! God Bless!


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